Project originally developed by Elmer Torensma, the webmaster of According to the author: “Support for UBC780XLT model is experimental” and in fact anyone who tried to connect to this scanner experienced unexpected crashes at the very start. Therefore I decided to give it a go and see what went wrong. After some minor modifications of the original source code I managed to have a working version for the 780. Note, many functions are still unsupported, but at least now it doesn’t crash!

Note: The packets exchanged through the serial port with the radio have been “slowed” down on purpose because the continous display updates presented some problems on my PC. The interface will feel a little sluggish but its all for stability! Expecting experiences from your side…

Download: UnidenCommander v0.3.4 with UBC780XLT support!

For anyone wishing to continue along this path and add any extra functionality to the UBC780 or the UBC785 the project is at : BitBucket